Technology is currently progressing at such a rapid pace that predictions for future trends seem to go out of fashion the moment they are introduced to the market. There are many wonderful benefits that technology has given us as it enables us to progress our surrounding environment at a faster rate.

Due to this, there is quite a bit of conversation around the topic of technology-based job opportunities starting to decrease. These job opportunities may seem as if they are falling away but in their true nature, they are actually just changing to suit the technology market as it evolves.

As a citizen that relies on technology, it is crucial to understand that when these job descriptions start to evolve within these guidelines. One would have to adapt by identifying the skills that will be sought after when these changes take place.


6 Technology Trends to Expect:


Here are 6 different technological changes that have been predicted to make an impact in 2019 and the job opportunities they have the possibility of creating.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


We have all been made quite familiar with the idea of AI thanks to all the popular Sci-fi movies we have seen. AI has become more of a frequent discussion within the world of technology and is a trend that has the potential to impact the way we work, live and operate.


But, what is AI really? AI refers to computer systems (algorithms)  that are built to imitate human intelligence and perform tasks faster than what humans can. Although this seems to have “taken” the place of a human, it has only thus far, proved to be beneficial to us. We make use out of AI every day in some way or another. Things such as GPS, smartphone assistants and smart home devices are used on a daily basis to make the life of a human being more effective and simplistic.


A broader terminology of AI is known as automation. Studies have shown that automation has the potential to “eliminate” 73 million jobs by 2030. Although these jobs have the possibility of being overrun by AI, automation will also create new jobs through this. There will be more jobs created in fields of programming, development. testing, support, and maintenance.


Machine Learning


Machine Learning is a subdivision of AI. These AI systems are computers that are programmed to analyse current algorithms and patterns but through this task, they discover and gain new insights from their data.


Machine Learning has subdivisions of its own known as neural networks, natural language processing and deep learning. Within these subdivisions there are opportunities for specialised career fields and as machine learning is being stationed in all kinds of industries. The applications that are used for machine learning are data analytics, data mining and pattern recognition.


Jobs that are currently emerging and sought after in the field of machine learning include engineers, developers, researchers and data scientists.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Just like the above mentioned technological trends, RPA is also currently automating jobs. RPA automates business processes such as interpreting applications, processing transactions, collecting data and can even create automated email responses. The software that is used in RPA helps automate repetitive activities or tasks.


Although RPA is able to do the tasks of the average “low-paid” worker, it is creating new job opportunities and modifying existing jobs. Studies have stated that RPA has the ability to fully automate 5% of occupations but only 60% can be partially automated.


Job opportunities that are being offered through RPA are: software development, project management, business analysis, solution architecture and consulting.


Blockchain Technology


The term “chain” in blockchain technology is used because blocks of data are gathered and added onto to one another but these blocks of data may not be removed or altered. Therefore, a chain of data is being created. Blockchain technology offers security because of this as well as the fact of it being consensus-driven. Due to the security that is created through blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are highly associated with it.


Blockchain technology is creating large opportunities for developers. However, other job opportunities, such as: software engineering, consulting and project management are being created as well.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)


VR is used to immerse a user into a digital reality and AR enhances that reality. Both of these technologies have the ability to train, entertain, educate and market. VR has already become popular within the market and there are many companies attempting to hire programmers so that they have the possibility of competing within the market.


When it comes to VR, some specialised knowledge is required and basic programming skills will help in this current job market. Optics may be a required skill set and hardware engineers will be required as well.

The Internet of Thing (IoT)


Internet of Things (IoT) is the terminology used for devices that are able to be connected through the internet, and through this medium, these devices can be connected to other devices and in the process, they exchange data over the web.


The IoT has great beneficial properties and will also facilitate an increase in safety, efficiency and decision making for businesses as the data that is being exchanged is also being collected and analysed.


IoT is becoming a huge factor in this industrial revolution and therefore the jobs that are needed to perform the task of improving IoT are becoming more sought after. IT professionals will have to start adapting to this changed and need to train and increase their skill set and knowledge to be able to perform these tasks.


Skills that are needed in the field of IoT are security, knowledge of cloud computing, data analytics, automation, the understanding of embedded systems and device knowledge.


These technologies are still increasing and developing each day and living in a world that is driven by technology it is important to adapt to these changes. Yes, jobs may differ but there are still many possibilities within these careers and new opportunities will arise.