Enaleni engineers have years of experience and competent skills in mining and heavy industries engineering and operations, they are competent in both design, installations, operations and maintenance aspects of below listed engineering services. Our management team have been involved in managing operations and mega projects which makes them unique in solving both operational and projects challenges of your organisation.

Operational Excellence (OE) is an integrated management system that drives business productivity by applying proven practices and procedures in three fundamental areas: Asset Productivity,Capital Effectiveness and Operations Risk Management

Enaleni Mining Mobile Engineers have been using model Operational Excellence in Projects and existing operations for years  to drive Lower costs, Increased efficiencies, Fewer injuries, Maximum Sustainable Returns on operating assets, and enhancing competitive position for our clients

Mining Technology Selection (Fleet Suitability & Matching)

Our engineers experiences and skills include:

  • Deep well of experience in Mobile Equipment selection and acquisition for Open Pit Operations.
  • Calibrated simulations of your mining environment to determine performance, cost, and resource benchmarks.
  • Own database of physical and performance parameters of equipment, which includes fuel consumption, costs, and labour requirements.
  • Technology roadmaps to determine the fleet composition over LOM.
  • Deliverables that can be used in SURPAC models for even more comprehensive modelling.

Life Cycle Costing

Our Engineers LCC experience include:

  • Comprehensive database of Activity based LCC models for mobile equipment
  • LCC Model outputs designed to feed XERAS models
  • LCC Model designed to determine optimum replacement strategies considering cost, availability, and labour requirements.
  • LCC model makes comparing TCO between technologies or suppliers easy.
  • Analytical Tool able to evaluate component life – identifies components that do not reach their norms, or components that fail under warranty.

Infrastructure Support

Deep well of experience in Mobile Equipment management within a mining operation, which includes HDV workshop capacity reviews, HDV workshop specifications, haul road design specifications, and interaction points such as tipping areas, loading areas, discharge bins, fuel depots, lookout parking, wash bays, safe hand-over points for autonomous solutions, etc.

Mining Contractor Cost Evaluation

Our Engineers are experienced in:

  • Experience with contractor versus in-house analyses for the LOM and context of the operation
  • Consideration of various levels of ownership and centralization through risk models.

Problem Solving - Analysis

Our Engineers have Comprehensive analytical capabilities and operational experience to review operational data and find the hotspots for poor performance or costs and then recommend practical recommendations to correct it.

  • Machine Learning toolbox
  • Understanding of Modular Dispatch™ logic and vulnerabilities to work past ‘bad’ data and still provide invaluable insights.

Operational Level focus normally include:

  • Poor control
    • Set up of the fleet management system – constraints and objectives
    • Decision making guidance – contingency planning
    • Route management – obstacles, obstructions, and poor conditions
    • Exception management
    • Queuing and traffic congestion management
    • Shift change management
  • Poor operation
    • Navigation
    • Acceleration and braking
    • Travel speeds – pantograph usage
    • Fatigue
    • General behaviour – incentives, culture, discipline, and habits.
  • Poor conditions
    • Gradient- and route undulations
    • High rolling resistances
    • Obstacles
    • Poor signage and navigation guidance
    • Visibility – route design (berms, junctions, and gradients), dust, and light.

Operations Improvement

Enaleni engineers have been in numerous Operational Improvement projects

  • Experience and know-how to build business cases that will demonstrably deliver bottom-line value
  • Operational Excellence process ensures that problem areas are identified, actioned, and prioritised according to value.

Enaleni believes that the heart of project Schedule and Cost overruns lies in the management of the project Controls and Scope management

We value the “3Ps” as critical to establish proper Project Controls

Heart of projects

Project Controls

  • Overall content of PCO deliverables
  • Management and co-ordination of the PCO creation and execution
  • Contract management of PCO contracts
  • Resolving or facilitating the resolution of key project issues where the PCO plays a role
  • Ensuring that the PCO achieves its stated business objectives
  • Ensuring standards are in line with business needs and expectations
  • Customer service performance monitoring and continuous improvement strategy

Data Integration

Data Integration and interpretation to create Dashboards

Reporting & Dashboards

Dashboard development to create dashboards

  • Desktop
  • Tablets
  • Smart Phones

Project Management Resources

We have the following competent resources:

  • Project Managers
  • Discipline Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Project Controls Managers
  • Project Administrators
  • Document Controllers
  • Project Accountants
  • Project Planners
  • Construction Managers
  • Safety Managers
  • Contracts Managers
  • Quality Control Specialists
  • Project Cost Engineers
  • Project Quantity Surveyors
  • Project Risk Specialists
  • Project Risk Managers


  • Ore resource/reserve statements
  • Mineral Resource Management
  • Auditing
  • Reviews of exploration sampling results and QA/QC procedures
  • Mine Due Diligence
  • Evaluations of exploration properties
  • Resource estimation, classification and reporting for all stages of projects from scoping studies through to feasibility studies and operating mines
  • Due diligence reviews of geological interpretations and resource estimates


  • Pit Design and Optimization
  • Block Modelling
  • Life of mine planning and scheduling
  • Prefeasibility and feasibility on existing pits and extension
  • Prefeasibility and feasibility for new/proposed pits
  • Cost Effective mining methods study
  • Short & long term MRM schedules
  • Mine planning using software
  • Mine optimization
  • Mobile equipment/fleet sizing and selection
  • Plant Equipment sizing and selection
  • Detailed financial model development and evaluation

Plant Processing

  • Mineral Processing feasibility studies
  • Plant conceptualization, mass balancing,
  • Process flow diagrams designs, review and optimization
  • Plant Equipment sizing and selection
  • Detailed financial model development and evaluation

Our team experience:

  • Total engineered solutions based on in-house innovation and expertise;
  • Supply of equipment and technology from our reputable partners;
  • Integration of the engineering disciplines, services and products;
  • Supply of technology driven solutions to mining, power generation, port, industrial (plants & refineries and pumping stations) sectors and agriculture;
  • Offering flexible contracting options

Bulk Materials Handling Services

  • Handling of difficult materials such as wet coal duff, clay alumina and cement;
  • Design and implement conveying, handling and storing any bulk material;
  • Crushing and screening;
  • Overland conveyors,
  • In-Plant conveyors;
  • Underground conveyors;
  • Pipe Conveyors;
  • Bulk material storage facilities including silos and ore passes;
  • Stacking and Reclaiming;
  • Rapid load-out systems;
  • Mass flow hoppers, Belt feeders and specialized chute design
  • Field services;

Environmental Engineering

  • Storm Water Management Plans
  • Water and Salt balance modelling
  • Design of Artificial Wetlands River Diversions
  • Design of Storm Water Management Infrastructure
  • Design of Waste Management Facilities Treatment Plant
  • Design for dirty water disposal Water reclamation systems

Mining Infrastructure

Enaleni Engineers are competent in the design of all civil infrastructure, associated with the mining operations. Our Mining and Infrastructure skills include:

  • Bulk earthworks, Terracing and Stockpiles
  • Haul Road Design
  • Bridge River Crossings
  • Structural Design
  • Mine Access Roads (SANRAL)
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Pumping Systems
  • Pollution Control Dams and Silt Traps

Water Resources Engineering

  • Mining surface water studies
  • Hydrological studies and modelling
  • Waste classifications
  • Design of pumping systems
  • Flood lines

Municipal Infrastructure

  • Sanitation
    • Sewer Reticulation Design Sewage Pump Stations
    • Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Water Supply
    • Pump Stations and Pipelines
    • Bulk Supply
    • Reticulation Design
    • Water Treatment Work
  • Storm water
    • Storm water management
    • Flood Hydrology
    • Flood lines studies
    • Storm Water reticulation design

Water Utilisation Engineering

Enaleni engineering team, has extensive experience in planning, design, project management and co-ordination of large multidisciplinary water, wastewater and industrial effluent treatments plants. Our team has been involved in more than a hundred treatment plant projects.

  • Status-quo investigations
  • Treatment plant design
  • Operation review and optimisation
  • Environmental Authorisation
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Turnkey Solutions


Enaleni Electrical Engineers have more than 30 years skills in Conceptual, pre-feasibility studies, Feasibility studies. Our engineers assist clients with Detailed design, tender documentation and analysis, Project management, contract administration, site inspection and Contractors supervision. Our engineers have been involved with Mining, Process plants, Petrochemical, State Owned Enterprises, Infrastructure and Heavy  Industrial projects and existing operations. Our Engineers experiences include:

  •  Earthing & Lightning Protection
    • Calculations and designs using SAFEGRID V 3.0 for touch and step potentials
    • Heavy Injection testing in accordance with IEEE81:2012
    • Site audits and recommendations
  • Electrical design, supply and Installations or Turnkey Projects
    • Medium Voltage (MV) distribution/protection (up to 11 kV)
    • LV/MV motor control (DOL, VSD/soft starter)
    • Power/control cable application, selection and sizing
    • Control and instrumentation pertaining to materials handling equipment (crushing/screening/conveying), coal beneficiation plants, etc.
    • Lighting & small power (office complexes, laboratories, industrial kitchens, change houses, etc.)
    • Reviews, audits and hazops on projects of any size and complexity
    • LV and MV Switchgear design, installation and commissioning
  • Plant/equipment audits
  • Electrical Infrastructure and Equipment Audit
  • Cable Testing and condition monitoring
  • Due Diligence Studies

Specific Electrical Skills

  • Hazardous Areas Classified Installation
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Site evaluations
    • Cost benefit analysis
    • Recommendation reports
    • Solutions & implementation
    • Renewable energy solutions including solar thermal and PV systems (grid and off grid)
  • Complete Design Services:
    • Complete service from conceptual design to handover of design pack inclusive of drawings, BOQ’s, Technical specifications, data sheets and scopes of work to client commercial department. Then adjudication and commissioning assistance (or inclusive of COW service if required) until project handover.

Control and Instrumentation

Enaleni  Control and Instrumentation Engineers are skilled in specifying, procuring, calibrating, installing, checking, commissioning and maintaining instrumentation and control systems for mining, Process plants, heavy industrial and commercial process control applications. Our engineers ensures that Client’s plant and mines operates safely. Our C&I team have been involved in all phases of projects, where they accumulated the following experiences:

  • Instrumentation and Control Design, Installation Commissioning & Maintenance
  • Hazardous Area Instrument Installation, Maintenance & Inspection
  • Process & Pneumatic Pipe Fitting (impulse lines, air headers, control valves, SOV’s, analysers etc)
  • Control Panel Design & Build
  • Instrument Enclosures
  • Calibration & Repair
  • Loop Checks
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Ethernet
  • Fibre Optic Networks
  • Pressure / Level / Flow / Temperature Control
  • Intrinsically Safe Instrumentation
  • Modbus / Profibus

Specific Control and Instrumentation experience

  • PLC Installations
  • Pneumatic Systems
  • SCADA Systems
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Commissioning
  • Design Review
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance
  • AutoCAD

Complete Design Services:

Complete service from conceptual design to handover of design pack inclusive of drawings, BOQ’s, Technical specifications, data sheets and scopes of work to client commercial

We look forward to working with you